What is leadership coaching?

Leadership coaching supports executives, supervisors and mangers in strengthening and developing the skills they need to be more effective at motivating and guiding personnel. Coaching helps turn business people into leaders who are admired and effectual both professionally and personally. It helps individuals better understand and utilize their own unique gifts and talents, capitalize on their strengths and identifies areas for improvement.

Why does coaching work?

Coaching is effective because it provides an objective outside view on how individuals and organizations can best improve. When there is a gap between where a person or organization is and where they want to be, a good leadership coach can help bridge it. Coaching creates synergy, provides clear structure for change and keeps people accountable.

Who benefits from leadership coaching?

Executive coaching benefits individuals as well as the organizations they work for. There is a great deal of personal development that comes from the experience, and the knowledge and skills leaders learn through the process in turn creates more productive, profitable and positive workplaces.

How long have you been a leadership coach?

Stacey Greer has been a certified executive leadership coach since 2010 and has worked with everyone from senior executives at major oil and gas companies to managers of non-profit organizations in improving their leadership skills. She earned an Executive Coaching certificate from Royal Roads University before founding Coaching For Solutions that year.

Can you accommodate my schedule?

Generally, yes we can. Our one-on-one coaching sessions can be scheduled whenever it is most convenient for you, and several of our workshops offer flexible dates and times. Other workshops in our portfolio are offered at set times well in advance, so you will have time to plan to attend them.

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